Blush up, ladies!
May 16, 2016

Its main role is to illuminate your complexion giving it a good-looking appearance. Your blush colors your cheekbones, refines your face and highlights your cheeks.
This colored powder must be chosen depending on the color of your skin. This means that the color you choose should be as close as possible to the color your cheeks take when you naturally blush.


You must also apply the blush depending on your face shape:


For round faces:

Apply blush on your cheekbones.


For long faces:

Apply blush slightly below the cheekbones.


For square faces:

Apply blush horizontally on your cheeks.


For oval faces:

Apply blush on your cheeks.


This trick will help you identify the blush color that's best for you: close your fist firmly for 5 seconds; the color that will appear on your knuckles is your ideal blush color.



Apply the blush in a naturally lighten place, to avoid putting too much.

Always apply your blush after your foundation.


Our selection :

Shiseido PK1 - Lychee - 7 g # 288834

Armani 307 Ecstasy # 290993

Givenchy Collection Extravagancia Blush Mémoire de Forme