How to have Ellie Goulding wedding day hairstyle

Follow these steps
By Helena Saadeh
September 05, 2019

Singer Ellie Goulding and New York-based art dealer Caspar Jopling, tied the knot this weekend and while we love all five outfits she wore on her big day, we are simply obsessed with her hair: healthy, shiny, modern, and elegant. Her hair stylist Ben Skervin, in a talk with Vogue, shared the steps to creating Ellie’s wedding day hair look.


1.Apply a little bit of mousse, them some spray to the root for volume.

2. Blow-dry with a large round brush.

3. Take a curling iron and create very loose waves, all the way along the hair.  These will loosen during the day.

4. Use your fingers to soften the waves.

5. Pull all the hair with your fingers and tie them with a long elastic. Once you have tied the hair into a ponytail, loop the elastic by making an 8 and pin it all together. Tying it this way balances the hair and creates more shape.

7. Twist the length of the hair without tightening too much and wrap the hair around the ponytail forming a bun.

8. Pull a few pieces of hair so that they fall around the forehead and the face - for a just perfect natural look.