How to have Gigi Hadid’s makeup at the VMAs

The IT-list
By Helena Saadeh
August 28, 2019

Gigi Hadid wore Tom Ford metallic pants at the VMAs last night that surely cost a fortune but that matched perfectly her golden makeup, which (Thank God) is totally affordable.

Superstar makeup artist Carolina Gonzalez was behind this glowing bronze look. In a photo she posted on her Instagram account, she shared the products she used in this look.  And they are by Maybelline, the brand with which Gigi has been the face of since 2015.


 The makeup products behind this look are:

 "The 24K Nudes" Eyeshadow Palette in GOLD

 "Fit Me" Dewy + Smooth Foundation in BUFF BEIGE

 "Super Stay" Full Coverage, Long Lasting Undereye Concealer in MEDIUM 

 "Master Chrome Jelly" Highlighter Face Makeup in Metallic Rose

 "City Bronzer" Bronzer & Countour Powder Makeup in MEDIUM 

 "Brow Ultra Slim Defining" Eyebrow Pencil in LIGHT BLONDE 

 "Snapcara" Washable Mascara in PITCH BLACK

 "Shine Compulsion" Lipstick Makeup By Color Sensational in BADDAST BEIGE

 "Color Sensational" Shaping Lip Liner in NUDE WHISPER

 "Color Sensational" Shaping Lip Liner in TOTALLY TOFFEE