How to have the perfect eyebrows

3 simple steps
By Helena Saadeh
August 21, 2019

Step 1: Primer
Just like we prepare our skin for makeup, our eyebrows need some pampering and care! We love the Conditioning Eyebrow Primer, you will not only get thick eyebrows ready for makeup, but it will also act as a serum to nourish the brow bristles and give them a healthy look that lasts all day! Simply flip it down to show the gel, then apply it to the brow bristles, and draw your eyebrows as you normally would with other eyebrow gel preparations! Allow the gel to dry before continuing the makeup. It also contains keratin and soy proteins that have been proven to strengthen hair and give it a healthy look. Leave it overnight to nourish your eyebrows and you'll notice the difference! Try this method and you'll thank us later!

Step 2: Powder
Get ready to start the blending game! For a perfect eyebrow look, use eye shadow as a second step to fill in the spaces naturally. First, use the blending sponge to pass the lighter color of the palette from the beginning of the brow to the curving. Slide the darker tone of the curve to the end of the brow. Do not forget to comb your eyebrows with a spiral brush to combine the product and avoid sharp lines.
Step 3: Selection
The last step of eyebrow makeup is to fill in the blanks. Just hold the handle of the pen and draw dots that mimic the appearance of the natural brows from the beginning of the eyebrow to the curving, then from the curving to the end of the eyebrow. Switch between the pressure levels you exert on the pen to get the depth you want. With this step, you get the perfect eyebrow look!


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