How to keep your resolutions going

Follow these steps
By Helena Saadeh
January 31, 2019

Have a positive mindset

We all pass through tough times and bad days, but we should always try to find the good moments we had. Having a good and positive mindset will lead you to stay focused on your goals. A pro tip: whenever you feel like you are having a bad day, write or cite a few qualities you know you have, it will also boost your confidence.

Put a list

Studies have shown that whatever you write in your own font will get stuck in your mind longer. This is why it is important to write a list of your resolutions and keep it with you wherever you go.

Write your top 3

It is never a bad idea to sit down and have a reflection on your life. every person should do that once in a while: sit down and write the top 3 things about any topic, you can write your top 3 destinations for this year and so on, but most importantly, write your top 3 resolution to focus on until you reach them, then write the 3 others.

Calendars help

Countdowns have a powerful effect to let you see how time flies by which helps you stick to your resolutions longer. Every day, write down what you did to help the resolution or put an X next to the cheat days. You can also reward yourself with every milestone you achieve.

Motivational pictures

You’re working on a diet? Set you ideal body goal as a picture in front of you. You’re planning on saving money to travel? Put the country you love in front of you. Any change you want to see or to have will be easier to achieve if you see it in front of you.