This summer, you can show off your skin with confidence! Just follow our few simple steps and we guarantee your skin will look extremely radiant and smooth.
April 13, 2016

Let your skin glow!

If you want a healthy skin, regular exfoliation can do the trick. Not only will it look smooth, but it will be healthier and glowing. “The goal is to lift off the outer layer of skin cells that are ready to be sloughed off without stripping the skin” says dermatologist Doris Day.

Irritation-free wax

Keep your skin from being irritated by hair removal by giving it some time to recover after waxing. Don’t go get tanned directly after your waxing session, because your skin will be newly exposed to the sun.

Eat healthy to look healthy

Be sure to avoid getting sunburnt, and an effective way to do it is by eating … tomatoes! “In addition to using sunscreen, eat cooked tomatoes every day if you know you’re going to be in the sun,” says Jessica Wu, assistant clinical professor of dermatology at USC Medical School.