How to take the perfect selfie

The guide for your perfect Instagram feed
By Helena Saadeh
September 12, 2019


It must be neither direct nor artificial. Avoid full sun but also flashes, which bring out the little imperfections of the skin.


Daylight, a little in the shade, early morning or late afternoon when the sun goes down, is the best lightingHow? If you’re inside, face a window through which the light does not enter directly, and take that selfie.

The angle

For a selfie, always stretch your arm to the maximum, and zoom slightly to break the wide-angle effect that distorts the face when taken close. Second imperative, do not take the selfie from below, it brings out the neck and jaws.

The expression 

Wear your best half-smile, and do not look directly at the lens; look at the side, for a softer result.