How Can a Super Camera Phone that Boasts Four Cameras Take your Photos and Videos to the Next Level?
April 18, 2019

If you have been on the lookout for a smartphone with an extraordinary camera, you are most likely to like Huawei’s new smartphone HUAWEI P30 Pro or the Super Camera Phone.

Huawei’s latest and most advanced smartphone camera to date features a Leica Quad camera, the first of its kind in the world that would enable you to snap pictures and shoot videos in faintly-lit scenarios previously-thought undoable. It would also let you see further than your bare eyes would let you do and zoom into extremely far-off distances.

Packed with all these innovative smartphone camera photography and videography technologies, HUAWEI P30 Pro has risen to the top of DxO Mobile Mark (an independent benchmark that scientifically assesses image quality of smartphones, lenses and cameras) with an average score of 112, and is the winner of “Best Photo Smartphone” title by TIPA Awards 2019 (The Technical Image Press Association is an international, non-profit association advocating the interests of the photography and imaging magazine-publishing industry. This device features a Leica Quad Camera system led by a 40MP main camera with Huawei’s brand-new SuperSpectrum Sensor, a 20MP camera for ultra-wide shots, an 8MP telephoto lens fitted with a SuperZoom lens and last a Time of Flight camera or ToF.

The 40MP main camera, positioned in the middle of the three camera module, comes with a 1/1.7 RYYB SuperSpectrum sensor and F/1.6 aperture so up to 40 percent more light comes into the sensor resulting in higher photosensitivity and more detailed and clearer videos and pictures. But how has Huawei achieved this? It all boils down to the RYYB Sensor which Huawei has added instead of the traditional RGB. So amounts of light has increased and you can now get higher-quality and clear pictures. What are you waiting for, unleash your photography and videography talents!

Thanks to this SuperSpectrum Sensor and HUAWEI AIS+OIS stabilization, users should not feel worried from now on to capture stunning and stable images and videos in low-light settings with great picture quality and color show. So if you are vacationing somewhere with your friends and there is barely enough light around, let HUAWEI P30 Pro do the job for you.

Down the line comes the 8MP telephoto lens fitted with HUAWEI SuperZoom Lens where Huawei engineers have done marvels with the innovative periscope design. Because of this design, lovers of zoom can now enjoy 5x optical zoom, 10x hybrid zoom and 50x digital zoom, an absolute game changer.

But awesome zooming capabilities will be useless if pictures and videos are blurry or noisy. So to minimize the camera shake at high levels of magnification, Huawei has added OIS (optical image stabilization) through which high-quality and hand-held pictures and videos have become a reality with minimal detail loss.

Right at the top is the 20MP ultra-wide angle lens which lets you capture the full view in front of your eyes, so if you have been hiking for hours and have finally reached the hilltop and want to snap a picture of the full scene before your eyes, or you are about to venture into a densely-thick wood and want to click a picture of the mesmerizing treetops and still get the grass blades in one frame, HUAWEI P30 Pro camera must be able to do the job for you. It also supports macro photography and gets you pictures of objects as close as 2.5cm with great details and sharpness, even your bare human eyes will let you down.

Next to the flash sensor is the Time of Flight Camera or ToF which offers rich bokeh effects and high depth-information mapping and genuinely takes portrait shots into the next level. Through this camera you can snap a picture of your best friend and segment him/her from the surroundings, get a blurred background and even make her hair strands stand out.

Another available ground-breaking feature is the HUAWEI Dual-View video¹ which allows you to take two videos simultaneously. The phone uses two of the rear cameras to capture the full scene while also capturing a close up, showing two perspectives at once. Just imagine recording your best friend’s wedding – snapping the full scene as well as her facial expression when the ring is being placed on her finger. What a moment!

Additionally, HUAWEI P30 Pro comes with a long-lasting 4,200mAh battery–– to make sure you never run out of charge to keep recording videos and snapping pictures on your excursions. It lasts beyond one day of intensive use and can be charged up to 70% in just 30 minutes thanks to 40W HUAWEI SuperCharge.

All in all, HUAWEI P30 Pro is the Super Camera Phone with an impressive array of four Leica cameras that would capture the near and far and tight and wide not matter where you are and what time of day it is, powered by a massive 4,200mAh battery and Huawei’s own fast charging.

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¹ Feature will be enabled via HOTA update at a later date.