In the shoes of Sarah Jessica Parker

By Joyce Najm
June 20, 2017

The actress and fashion icon, who has long embodied Carrie Bradshaw in the legendary series Sex and The City has more than one string to her bow. Sarah Jessica Parker is also a designer of women's shoes, clothing and jewelry. Her creative universe unveiled with her collection SJP has indeed come to be one of the most beautiful surprises of the fashion scene. Exclusive interview.


What drove you to create your line of shoes and launching your LBD collection?

I always wanted to launch my own shoe collection but I had a hard time finding the right partner. Perhaps because I always imagined myself alongside George Malkemus III, the CEO of Manolo Blahnik. I finally found the courage to call him and that's how the SJP collection was created. We both arrived in New York in the mid-1970s and so we were inspired by the same colors, styles and former designers. Working alongside him is truly a dream come true, and I am very proud of the shoes we designed, which we've been selling for three years. We had the idea to launch our first collection of little black dresses, SJP LBD, last year and we are looking forward to developing the collection soon. Our LBD line, called "Title", is made in the USA.


What is your priority in terms of footwear: comfort or style?

Both are equally important, and you cannot have any of the two if the shoe is not designed with leather and quality materials. We put an additional padding under the sole of the foot since this is where there's the most pressure. Besides, I try each sample and if the cut is not perfect I make some adjustments.


Why did you choose to make shoes in Italy?

From the beginning, it was a non-negotiable condition for both of us. Each shoe in our collection is handmade by Tuscan craftsmen that have been shoemakers for three generations. Our mission has always been to offer women beautiful, timeless shoes that last a lifetime. We refuse to compromise quality when women are often spending lots of money.


Is there a bit of Carrie Bradshaw during the creative process or is it 100% Sarah Jessica Parker?

Each shoe is designed by George and myself. And although our relationship with shoes is well studied and maybe not as obsessive as Carrie's, I think there are similarities in terms of what attracts us all. Who doesn't appreciate a nice pair of strappy sandals?


Right now, are you more of an actress or a creator?

I would say both. But I'm also a producer, a businesswoman, a mom, a friend, a sister and a daughter. It's unfair to define oneself as one thing.


An indispensable garment of your wardrobe?

A pair of jeans and a gray sweatshirt.


A shocking confession?

I would say maybe the fact that I don't have a huge dressing room.


Why did you choose Le Lobby as a representative of your creations in Lebanon?

We were delighted when The Lobby offered to be our exclusive partner in Lebanon. It was a territory that we had not reached but that was surely on our radar. The Lobby team is very talented and selects beautiful and timeless looks from all over the world. It is an honor and a privilege to be included.


Would you like to visit Lebanon someday?

I look forward to visiting Lebanon one day and I hope to do so as soon as possible. The only thing that could be more exciting than visiting The Lobby is to taste the famous Lebanese dishes!


A message for Lebanese women?

Tell yourselves that there are no rules and always do what makes you feel good.