In The Smartphone of Blogger Elsa Osta

By Joyce Najm
February 03, 2017

I've been a blogger for three years. My daily life is organized around my blog Elsa O L'accessoire. I give it a lot of attention and I dedicate myself to it 100%.


I'm addicted to pineapples! I even took the opportunity of the launch of my latest jewelry collection to put them on my wallpaper.


Morning habit
I'm pretty sure I can turn on my coffee machine with my eyes closed. I love coffee! But all joking aside, my first morning reflex is to check my emails.


Feel good playlist
Since my mood always varies, I listen to different musical genres. My favorite artists of the moment are Christine and The Queens and Julien Doré.


I'm very astute and I like to use something tangible to organize my days. So I would definitely say my agenda!


A rather embarrassing app
I'm addicted to Dots & Co. I don't know if it's because of the game or if it's just because I'm obsessed with dots.


Food 2.0
I love everything sweet. I would say Marley's Goodies. I'm not only impressed by her pastries but also by her job since she is a pharmacist. Her pastries are rich and sweet despite the fact that her field of expertise recommends a healthy diet.


Zen attitude
My 30-minute Oud session every Wednesday.

Geeky obsession
I like Facebook because it's filled with links, and interesting news and articles.