International Cat Day: world's most famous cats

They're so adorable!
August 08, 2016

This Monday, August 8, is International Cat Day! Those teeny tiny little fur balls are to die for. To celebrate the existence of these adorable pets, here are five famous cats you've probably heard of.


Grumpy cat

Grumpy cat is simply unique. With her undershot jaw, it's difficult not to cuddle our screen every time we see her adorable pictures. And those 8650000 Facebook subscribers confirm it!


Lil Bub

This cute fur ball has a facial malformation which makes his little tongue pend. But who says that malformations make you ugly? It's actually the total opposite; this adorable grin is Lil Bub's asset.



Venus is an unusual cat. His face is literally divided in two; a black side and another brown. This originality has created a real excitement among Internet users around the world.



This little one is always grumpy, and we find it really cute! This chubby pet that has conquered our hearts inspired several memes on the Internet, just like the famous grumpy cat.



How could we forget Larry, the famous cat of Prime Minister David Cameron who has been in his service since 2011. This adorable tabby cat is the favorite of 10 Downing Street locals.