Interview with Coco Reda

By Janine Ayoub
May 16, 2019

She has a sense of celebration and made her passion a dream job. Organizer of beautiful moments with her event agency i.Plan, Khouloud Reda (whom everyone affectionately calls Coco) imagines all the stages of marriage to create the "most beautiful day of a woman's life". Finding the right venue, caterer, DJ, dress, hairstyle, flowers, decorations ... the pressure of the preparations can be a nightmare. With Coco Reda, giving the bride and groom a magical and unique moment that sparkles with a thousand lights is a challenge she has embarked on for the past ten years. Today, the challenge of making "a party that resembles them", is the claw of its event agency i.Plan. Through this shoot in collaboration with Zuhair Murad, whose wedding dresses she wears, she offers her vision of D-Day. "Zuhair is a great friend and each of his creations celebrates the woman in all her beauty. His creative talent and his know-how are amazing. As for the 2019 wedding, a modern bride does not necessarily have to organize an ultramodern wedding. Classic-style royal dresses celebrate the return of the romantic bride today”. Another trend according to the expert, "head jewelry, choose them imposing and glamorous. If the bride sees herself in 10 years, she must recognize herself in the photos.”

New trends?

"Wedding with technology, 3D projections to personalized websites. The caterers also follow the trend of the time and now offer menus or live stations specializing in organic or vegan foods. As a wedding planner, I listen a lot to the couple I work with. I am attentive to every detail of their characters, their attitudes, their habits ... which helps me to offer the best for their wedding. I always ask the bride to enjoy the preparations, no stress, no panic, let us take care of this part. Be yourself and make your wedding a story or movie of your life and what you really are”. It's in her travels, the hotels she visits, the interior decorations that cross her path, the restaurants she tries, the exhibitions and her extensive research on weddings and trends, new technologies for entertainment, 3D animations ... that Coco Reda finds inspiration. Never short of ideas, she was inspired once by the video clip of Beyoncé and Coldplay’s hit, "Hymn for the weekend", to organize a wedding. Very extrovert by nature, her experience in the world of fashion through the shop Debi.R which she is the co-founder with her sisters, and the wedding industry make her an active, sociable, diplomatic and tolerant woman. The work is above all human, the relationship and affectionate aspect of the wedding planner is her favorite part. Psychologist at her moments, she invests body and soul in each of her wedding projects. "I live with the couple's everyday lives, their fears, their joy and their tears. My priority is above all the bride. I try as much as possible to comfort her, to make sure she does not worry about the details. " Her brides of yesterday have become her great friends today.

Wedding organization or events?

"If you ask the designers, between ready-to-wear and haute couture, they choose haute couture. For me, marriage is haute couture, "she says. If you meet her twice a day, be sure you will never see her in the same outfit. "I change looks at least two to three times a day, do not ask me why! But I feel that every few hours are like a new day, so I relaunch the energy with a new look. " Besides, the beautiful brunette comes from a completely different world. After studying Computer Science, she launches with her sisters the fashion boutique Debi.R. "With time we discover our preferences, passions and ambitions and once we know what we want, it's never too late to embark on a new world. It was pure coincidence that I found myself in the organization of weddings and since the creation of my agency i.Plan, I am fascinated by this job and that's all I want to do. Wedding planning involves a lot of challenges, pressures, enthusiasm and responsibilities. This had a major impact on her personality and how she manages things, especially decision-making. "It's very important that you be very precise," insists. No wonder when we learn that she is a sign of Libra. Coco tries to balance everything in her life, never extremism ... only when it comes to work, she goes as far as necessary.

Her projects?

“ I dream of one day opening a Bridal Boutique, which is dedicated to all the wedding services, from the organization to the honeymoon, to the look of the bride." Even more, the young woman dreams of democratizing the industry by creating the first wedding planning academy in Lebanon and the Middle East.

Her advice for those interested in the organization of weddings?

"It's all about experience. The field of marriage is very complicated, more than a pretty decor and an original concept. The important thing is to be able to execute the imagined project. After 10 years in the industry, I can tell you that every wedding is like the first. It's a live show. Mistakes are not allowed”. Always keen to mix the human with the career, Coco is working today to collect some of the proceeds to an association whose identity will soon be unveiled. Couples who wish to do so can now substitute their marriage list for an account directly attached to the NGO in question.


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