Introducing Androgynous Emojis

But that’s not all…
October 10, 2017

Emojis have always been important when it comes to online chatting; they mimic what we think, but they don’t always show who we really are. But don’t worry, that’s all in the past!
Rumor has it that Apple devices will soon have a various range of emojis that will mirror our personalities, cultures and our liberty of expression. The characters, which will come with the iOS 11.1 update, are more that we could ask for.
It’s said that Apple will be introducing androgynous emojis so that gender neutral people don’t feel left out! But that’s not all: a wide range of skin tones will be available.
Moreover, there’s something even more exciting that’s going to be developed soon: a hijabi emoji!
Let’s not forget one of the most groundbreaking ideas in the history of emojis will also be created in the latest IOS version for iPhones and iPads: a woman breastfeeding. What are your thoughts?