Is Brad Pitt dating Charlize Theron?

Couple Alert!
By Helena Saadeh
January 21, 2019

When you least expect it, relationship rumors come out! It seems that two of out very loved stars are reportedly dating: Brad Pitt and Charlize Theron. How true is that scoop?

What we know is that two have known each other years ago through Theron’s Ex-fiancé Sean Penn who happens to be their common friend. Over the holidays however, things started to evolve in a romantic way between Pitt and Theron. “They have been casually seeing each other for nearly a month now," a source close to the alleged couple stated. "They’ve been friends for some time—ironically through Sean—but things have developed.” The recent news we have is that the possible or future couple was spotted in a rendez-vous at Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles the previous weekend. The meeting came after the two attended separate film screenings.

We are not 100% sure yet, but if it turns out to be correct, this would be the relationship (we know about) after Brad’s split with Angelina in 2016, and with whom he shares 6 children. In 2017, Angelina said: "We care for each other and care about our family and we are both working towards the same goal…I do not want my children to be worried about me." she added "I think it's very important to cry in the shower and not in front of them. They need to know that everything's going to be all right even when you're not sure it is."