Is he emotionally abusing you?

Not all victims are aware of it.
October 11, 2017

Does your entourage suspect that you’re in an abusive relationship? Are your friends constantly telling you to leave this guy? You might have noticed that we’re asking about your friends and loved ones’ opinions, not yours, and here’s why: sometimes, a person who’s being constantly abused by their partner ends up being so immersed in this relationship that they would get used to it, so much that they’d think their partner’s destructive behavior is normal. Emotional abuse can be more insidious than you think, so to help you out, here is a list of what an abusive boyfriend/husband would do on a regular basis.

1. He likes to humiliate you in public and point out your flaws.

2. Your ideas and suggestions don’t matter to him.

3. He lowers your self-esteem so that he looks more powerful.

4. He wants to control everything in your life, from your clothes to your outings, even your finances.

5. He can’t stand it when he’s wrong, so he would argue with you until you apologize (even though you’ve done nothing wrong).

6. He blames you for his problems and his unhappiness.

7. He’s indifferent about your life problems, and wants you to focus on him more than anything else.