Is There a War Between Simon Cowell and Nick Cannon?

April 03, 2017

You can calm down now, there is no feud between Nick Cannon and Simon Cowell. In fact, Simon had nothing to do with his exit from the show, it was NBC who let him go.

The two are so beyond the fight that the former host of America’s Got Talent sent the show’s member of the jury a bottle of champagne.

“I didn’t know much about [Cannon’s exit] — maybe I should have known more about it,” Simon recently told ET. “I mean, look, the point is that he was the first to send me a bottle of Champagne on the first day … which interestingly, he didn’t send to the others.”

It is interesting that he only sent flowers to Simon… Anyway, Tyra Banks will be joining the hit talents show on NBC for the next season, and even though we’re sad for Cannon, we’re kind of excited to see Tyra again! Aren’t you?