It’s Official: Victoria’s Secret Models are Not Perfect

And to think we've always dreamed of looking like them!
July 23, 2016

We’ve always been jealous of those flawless models on the cover of magazines, but we’re not anymore! Who hasn’t envied their perfectly shaped butt and bust, theirs slim waist and long legs? Turns out all of this is fake. Not only they use Photoshop to alter the overall appearance of the Victoria’s Secret models, but they also do things you would never imagine.

An anonymous retoucher who goes by the name of “Sarah” revealed in an interview with Refinery29 what the brand exactly does to those women so that they look like pitch perfect barbies.

Ever wondered why you can never have hair as full as Victoria’s Secret models? Well, everyone is wearing hair extensions. "I don't think I ever was on a shoot with a model that had real hair."

They use shaping pads to have fuller boobs. No, their breasts aren’t real either! "If you hold up the bathing suit in your own hand, it's so heavy because they have all this s*** sewed into it," Sarah said.

Models wear push-up bras under bathing suits for a better shape, and yes, even the strapless ones. No wonder we can never have good looking breasts in our swimsuits! "When you're wearing a strapless bikini, in no way, shape, or form [can] you have cleavage," said Sarah. "It's physically impossible with the way gravity works."

Boobs are photoshopped so that they look bigger and rounder. "They all have [size] As," she revealed.

You never seem to reach the perfect weight while maintaining your curves no matter how many hours you spend at the gym and how many diets you’ve tried? Don’t worry; even models have the same struggle. According to Sarah, sometimes retouchers ADD weight to models. It’s indeed the magic of Photoshop, nothing else.


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