Jesse Lan. Huawei CBG - Levant President

April 16, 2019

“With the new P30 series, consumers should expect an enhanced photography journey combined with new exciting features”


  1. What are some of the most important improvements of the new P30 series?
    The numerous breakthrough innovations featured by our new P30 series include the revolutionary HUAWEI SuperSpectrum Sensor, the SuperZoom Lens as well as the most advanced AI technology and processing system. This means that consumers will enjoy more advanced photography and videography experiences, allowing them to capture amazing footage, with a small and compact device, without the hassle of changing lenses or tweaking camera parameters and endless editing. The SuperZoom Lens is fitted into the ultra slim chassis with up to 10x hybrid zoom and up to 50x digital zoom. All in all, the new P30 series features a fantastic camera, splendid design, super power and intelligence.
  2. Do you expect the P30 series to make a big buzz in town?
    Huawei adopts a customer centric strategy, meaning that its customers’ needs and expectations are always a priority. Having said that, Huawei pays attention to global changes and trends to perfectly cater to these needs.
    Looking back at previous Huawei P series, we can say that this series is known for its innovative photography experience. Indeed, with the new P30 series, consumers should expect an enhanced photography journey combined with new exciting features, offering a whole new experience. Without forgetting that the P series is also known for its beautiful design and impressive colors- We promise that the new P30 series will also meet your expectations in terms of stunning design.We are confident that consumers who are interested in having a high-quality camera combined with a top performance, will fall in love with our P30 series.
  3. Why does Huawei keep on releasing new devices? Is it part of bigger strategy?
    At Huawei, our main strategy revolves around exceeding the needs and expectations of our customers. We continuously focus on product innovation and seek for new ways to improve the entire customer journey experience. Every customer has different wants and needs; therefore, we have different device categories. This is also how we managed to showcase our innovative spirit over the years, Huawei succeeded to cater devices to many different types of people thanks to its numerous devices. The happier our customers are with their devices, the more we get inspired to create new devices and continue to exceed their expectations with the aim of keeping them satisfied and creating a long-term relationship with them.