Joumana Haddad Officiated a Wedding

Is there anything this woman doesn’t do?
September 11, 2018

Joumana Haddad officiated a sensational civil wedding ceremony this week, and it was in, wait for it… LEBANON! Before you get too excited about a civil wedding in Lebanon, you must know that it was all for show. Here’s what was really going on there:
A Lebanese bride and groom tied the knot in Cyprus, and it was all on paper, so you can say that they officially got married in Cyprus. However, the lovebirds wanted to organize a civil wedding in Lebanon, even though it’s impossible because it just doesn’t exist here. That’s when they decided to call Lebanese poet Joumana Haddad.

A breathtaking ceremony held on a beach in Tyr, South Lebanon by Joumana Haddad. The star pretended to be a marriage officiant for a day to make it the best day possible for the young couple.
An important message is being sent here: we want civil marriage to be legalized in Lebanon.

Just like any idea that’s different and original, it was expected that the closed-minded bunch wouldn’t be short on bad comments. But Joumana Haddad responded to them in the best way possible. The influencer exclusively told Spécial Madame Figaro her part of the story:
“I just don’t understand why there would be bad reviews, because I clearly said several times on Facebook that this couple had a civil wedding in Cyprus, and that the ceremony in Lebanon was nothing but symbolic. I wrote it for them because I wanted them to celebrate with their family and friends”, she says. “I don’t know what gives them to right to decide how other people want to celebrate on their wedding day. On the other hand, I’m not taking the place of the priest or the judge; I only wrote the text of the ceremony and read it, exactly as the couple asked. However, everyone must know that civil marriage is a type of marriage that’s approved by the Lebanese law, so this is where the hypocrisy starts, because people are wasting tons of money to get married abroad because it’s not allowed to do it in Lebanon”. Haddad wants to send a clear message to the Lebanese society and government, she wants freedom of expression. “I wanted to do this approach to shock people and show them the hypocrisy of this society. In life, human beings should have a say regarding the way they want to get married and how they want to live their personal lives. Those who want a civil wedding should have the right to have it, just like those who want a religious wedding. It’s the strict minimum, we are not asking for something extraordinary”.

We couldn’t have said it any better.