Justin Bieber : Retiring to Start his Own Church?

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July 27, 2017

On Monday, Justin Bieber revealed something that completely shocked us. The 23-year-old singer announced that he will be canceling his concerts for his international tour, and the reason behind this decision is unimaginable: he wants to dedicate his life to God. Calm down, he's not planning to become a pastor. So what is it with this spiritual awakening?

It's true that this news has left us in total shock, since his past was a bit unorthodox. "Everything leads me to believe that the real reason he stopped his tour is his desire to reconnect to his faith," says Richard Wilkins, Today Extra's host.

It seems that the evangelical pastor Carl Lentz inspired him to have a closer relationship with God. These two spend a lot of time together, so much that they attended the Hillsong Church conference in early July.

Let's not forget the enormous tattoo of Jesus's face on the calf of the pop singer, as well as that of the Virgin Mary on his arm and a huge cross on his chest.

The Canadian star has never always been fully involved in the Christian life, but could this make him end his career? To be continued...