Katie Holmes Confirms Relationship with Jamie Foxx

January 29, 2018

After three years of being in a committed relationship, Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx waited till Saturday night to make it public, and here’s why: it’s all because of Tom Cruise!
Apparently, Cruise agreed to divorce Katie on one condition: if she signs a contract stating that she keeps her personal life under wraps for five whole years… and she did. We’re not that surprised by what Tom did given his ties with Scientology, but who could imagine that Katie wanted out of her marriage so badly? Basically, it’s because of this insane agreement that the actress kept her romance with Jamie Foxx a secret for so long. But the five years are up, so all of that drama is over now!
On Saturday night, Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx made their first official appearance together. The pair looked totally in love as they sat side by side at Clive Davis’ pre-Grammy Awards Gala. They exchanged smiles all night and even danced together during Logic and Khaled’s performance.