Keeping Up With Simone Tamer

April 18, 2017

What time do you wake up?
About seven and a half during the week, just in time to prepare myself and go to the office. On weekends, I give myself a little rest by setting the alarm to nine o'clock.

How do you rate the last SIHH?
Many researches in materials and new technology. On the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the Royal Oak for women, Audemars Piguet has chosen to launch the new Royal Oak Frosted Gold which is distinguished by its flicker. The Florentine technique used for this watch in pink gold or white gold consists of hammerring the gold with a diamond pointed tool. This results in small marks on the surface of the metal and a flicker similar to that of precious stones or diamond dust.
Montblanc also captures the attention of collectors with the 1858 Chronograph Tachymeter. This is the first time that bronze was used for a case by Montblanc. It comes with a retro-vintage champagne dial that has a sunray finish to match the bronze color of the case. This combination of colors and finishes gives an attractive monochrome and mono-material appearance to the watch.

Your favorite piece at SIHH?
Montblanc ExoTourbillon for men. Inspired by the Pythagorean Minerva, this watch offers a contemporary interpretation of the classic watchmaker. Despite the plethora of complications, the timepiece is kept as clean and legible as possible. The dial, in particular, is divided into two parts. The upper part, which houses the Exotourbillon, has a vertical satin finish. The lower part, with the three secondary dials, comes with a grey grained finish.

Who trusted you?
Jean-Claude Biver, Head of Watchmaking at LVMH and member of the Board of Directors and shareholder of Hublot. He told me during our meeting in Geneva last January: "Luck does not come alone, it comes while we walk".

A fashion uniform for a difficult day?
Jeans, a shirt and a blazer without ever forgetting the heels and a beautiful watch for a touch of elegance.

A decisive moment in your career?
My choice to stay in Beirut to continue the legacy of my family by running the Luxury Department at Tamer Frères, when I had been recruited by a multinational company outside of Lebanon.

A digital addiction?
I am addicted to online shopping.

Your next challenge?
The second half of the year will bring me the honorable responsibility of the position of CCO in Tamer Frères.

Business Mantra
My management style is inspired by one of my favorite books "One Minute Manager". He taught me many techniques like Rule 80-20, a minute of praise, and a minute of reprimands.


Who wore Roberto Cavalli better?
  • Sharon Stone (2013)
  • Bella Hadid (2019)