Killer sentences in bed!

Here are gentlemen, the top murderous phrases to avoid during sex!
March 01, 2017

Here are gentlemen, the top murderous phrases to avoid during sex!


Come to Daddy!

No I do not want to give daddy a kiss and mostly no, I do not want to think about my father in full orgasm!


You didn’t shave today?

I did it two days ago but it grows fast you know when you shave?


Come on, we have 10 minutes, we can do it

If Desperate Housewives isn’t interesting enough for you, for us, football is a killer, especially not in the middle of a sex session, because the priority in bed is us and not Ronaldo!


I used to do this with my ex…

Ouch ... Nothing kills the moment more than that…Bringing up an ex, seriously? Who would want to be compared to an ex!


Am I in yet ?

Seriously? If you feel you're in it so you're in it! If you do not feel it in, we have a big ... problem.


No, that's not how we do it!

Are you giving me private training or what? There are no good or bad ways to do this ...


Someone took a few pounds ...

Oh no ... You just signed your death sentence. Women are extremely susceptible and sensitive when it comes to their physique, I thought that one was already clear!


Hush, don’t be loud !

Are you for real? Are you asking me to shut up? It’s not as if I was screaming! If I moan it's because you make me feel good… It's supposed to be flattering ...


Do I smell garlic?

If you just devoured a taouk right before making love to me you'll inevitably stink garlic! And I will expect the worst ... digestion problems, a killer breath and noises that can freeze the atmosphere ...


You're a pro!

This well-deserved compliment, with all your good intentions, is likely to be misinterpreted... Yes I'm good I know... But I'm not a porn star or someone who has done that all her life... You can say instead "it was great", and try to avoid making me look like a sex professional!