Kim Kardashian Makeup tips

KKW shares her secrets
By Helena Saadeh
December 21, 2018

Moisturize, moisturize, apply foundation

"First, I have moisturizer on my hands and I extra moisturize," Kim Kardashian shared with us in a video "Even if I've already moisturized for the day, I put on moisturizer again...I like a little bit of an oily slip for the foundation." For her moisturizing is crucial and over doing it by little does more help than harm.

Conceal and bake

Baking means waiting for the powder to dry under the eyes. So, for Kim, the brightening powder comes after applying the concealer, it’s her go-to item when she wants to have a dreamy youthful look.  "It's honestly like the best," she shared. "This is the key to my Armenian dark under eye circle success. I couldn't live without it."

Contouring the lips KKW’s way

The Makeup tycoon offers us new ideas for the contouring process. She believes that as she bakes, we should apply contour on our face in a shape of three starting from the forehead to the hallows of the cheeks to finally reach the chin. She ended this phase with "You know what I love to do is create lip contour and you can't too high up because you'll look like you have a mustache."

The nose has a share too

At the end, Kim Kardashian West highlighted the importance of contouring the nose. She drew two lines on each side of her nose and she offered us a tip from NikkiTutorials “Always do the underneath of your nose," KKW recommended. "Have a little on top. You know who taught me that? NikkiTutorials. Do you know her? It makes your nose look so cute and little."