Kim Kardashian’s first mascara kit

KKW beauty invests in Mascara
By Helena Saadeh
November 30, 2018

We’re not sure if she intended it or not, but Kim Kardashian’s first ever mascara kit was out this Friday, just in time to be added to the big black Friday’s checklist. But time does not really matter now and we’ll be the first to try it!

For the reality TV show star, everything comes in a package, and each package has a name. this one is called Glam Bible Smokey Volume 1 which is composed of: a bricked colored blush, a gold highlighter, lipliner and pastel lipsticks, six-shade eyeshadow palette, black pencil eyeliner with a sharpener, a powder puff with a sponge, and the new addition, her first mascara.

The new mascara promises to give more volume and thickness to your lashes with a dash of a secret ingredient called: the Kardashian’s magic. The effect? Probably stunning lashes that will highlight your eyes and maybe give you the “Kardashian” look.


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