Kim Kardashian's Robbers Didn’t Want Jewelry

They came for something else…
October 28, 2016

It’s been a month since Kim Kardashian was attacked by burglars in Paris. The reality star’s hotel concierge, Abdulrahman has kept us in the dark about the robbery for some time, and he’s now decided to give his account of the incident.

The concierge revealed to Entertainment Tonight: "When she saw police, because they were dressed like police, she didn’t understand for a few seconds".

He said that Kim thought they wanted her cellphones. "[The robber] said, ’I don’t need phones’ in French, [but] he doesn’t understand English, and also she didn’t understand French, and the guy was asking for money,” Abdulrahman explains. Kim did not have any cash, so she gave them her jewelry box. "They weren’t there for jewels at first, they were there for money," he says.


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