Kris Jenner: the Car Crash Made the Driver Homeless

But the collision was clearly his fault...
August 09, 2016

Remember the frightening car crash Kris Jenner was in? As it turns out, the driver of the Prius with whom she collided last week did not have a home, and was living in his car. Unfortunately, this man is now homeless.

The Prius driver, Jack Way, is an actor/model in the entertainment industry, but he says work has been hard to come by, which made him live in his car for the past few months. He currently sleeps over at some of his friends’ houses.

However, Kris has nothing to do with his current state, because he was the one who caused the crash. Even though the accident was his fault, Jack has got in touch with lawyer Larry H. Parker, hoping he will gain some money out of it.