Kylie Cosmetics for Valentine

The Love Set
By Helena Saadeh
January 26, 2019

Each Kylie Cosmetics item dispatch triggers insanity. The most recent Valentine's Day unique collection, simply shared by Kylie Jenner on Instagram, is absolutely no exception.

What do we have? Lip units curled in packaging with flashy prints (and romantic names: "The Love Set", "The Soulmate Set", "The Forever Set" ...), made out of fluid lipsticks in red tones, composed pencils and sparkling gloss to wear in layering to make a kissable red mouth. Yet additionally a palette of eyeshadow matte and brilliant tones, which goes from gold to fuchsia through red hot. There is a whole other world to hold up until February 1 to get it on the site of the brand. Stay Tuned.