Kylie Jenner Dyes Her Hair Blue

A cool way to start the new year
By Helena Saadeh
December 31, 2018

Just in time for a chilly and cold weather, Kylie Jenner switched from a blonde hair to a blue one to start the New Year. The queen of cosmetics masters the art of dying her hair as she switched between blonde and platinum for her 21st birthday party to go back to blonde on Halloween for her barbie doppelganger look. On Saturday night, Kylie shared a video on her Instagram story of her blonde locks being washed and captioned it "fresh roots." She most likely had to re-bleach her hair before adding on the teal. After her hair turned blue, she shared many photos on her platforms as stories. However, the post she shared for her feed gathered millions of likes in less than an hour. If you look at Kylie’s Instagram activities right now, you’ll see tons of flashbacks on her festive year and many pictures of her family, the big and the small, along a few other styles she pulled in 2018. If winter for Kylie is blue, we can’t wait to see what color she’s dying it in Spring.