Kylie Jenner Would Do Anything to Keep Stormi Safe

She would even get rid of her Ferrari.
February 27, 2018

Kylie Jenner received the most amazing gift from boyfriend Travis Scott a while ago: a Ferrari! But there’s one thing she loves even more than that car, which is her newborn daughter Stormi. Jenner would do absolutely anything for her daughter, especially if it’s meant to keep her safe. This is why she made the decision to stop driving this incredibly fast and dangerous car.
A source close to the 20-year-old reality star tells us more about her decision: “Kylie loves her push present Ferrari from Travis but it is already giving her problems. Her issue with the luxe new whip is that she can’t fit her baby car seat in it, which Kylie finds hilarious. She hasn’t really taken the car out of her gated community yet, she has only driven it over to her sister’s and mom’s house to show it off but she totally loves the Italian sports car. She thinks it is funny that there is no room for little baby Stormi so she is shopping around for a safety seat that can fit inside the small interior and on the sports seats. She thinks it would be sexy to drive her baby around in style, but of course, safety first!”
Kylie Jenner is turning out to be an exemplary mother, don’t you think?