Lady D and Kate Middleton’s common Fashion style

Ever heard of the D-styling?
By Helena Saadeh
April 01, 2019

Kate Middleton and Lady Diana's dressing rooms are similar in many ways. On the accessories side, the Duchess of Cambridge and the most-loved princess share the same taste for the epure, making Tod's D-Bag - nowadays under the name of D-Styling - one of their favorite pieces. Casually paired with a sweater, white pants and a pair of loafers for Lady Di or associated with a white coat for Kate Middleton, Tod's branded bag is a must-have. Created in 1997, the D-Bag, named in honor of Princess Diana, has established itself on the fashion scene in the 90's, then worn in 2011 by Kate Middleton and brought back to the taste of the day for spring-summer 2019 .