Lama Abou Hanna, a Brilliant Face and Mind Behind SkinPro

By Janine Ayoub
June 21, 2017

She is her best publicity. Slim body, glowing, ultra-fresh and bright skin even after a long day of work. She mostly goes for the natural look which suits her very well.

At 30, Lama draws attention and shows a complexion of a woman, and a soul of child. The Libano-Venezuelan beauty icon chose this lifestyle for its principle. "The outer beauty completes the inner beauty and vice versa. A healthy and revitalized skin reflects an inner well-being," she said with this 'joie de vivre' that makes us want to discover the woman behind this beautiful entrepreneur. The kind that swims for one hour a day and who misses no opportunity to discover the latest spas around the world.

She had never planned to become head of a medical spa but has always been interested in the world of medicine and beauty. "I studied advertising and sales at USJ after attending school at Grand Lycée Franco-Libanais in Ashrafieh. I've always been addicted to medical spas, facials and beauty treatments, and every year I spent a week in a spa vacation." The young lover of well-being and perfect skin quickly convinced her father gynecologist to convert his clinic into a medical spa. "SkinPro now offers several services in the field of medical spa with plastic surgeons, dermatologists, chiropodists, nutritionists and of course, everything that has to do with beauty." Gynecology is exclusively directed by Dr. Alexandre Abou Hanna, her father who is also her mentor. She mentioned him several times during our meeting. There are many parents who cultivate the ambition of their children and Dr. Alexandre Abou Hanna is one of them. Because education is first and foremost a gift, it motivated her to take training courses in cosmetology in a prestigious French private school.

The young expert presented her latest acquisition, the Hydracool, an oxygenating care for the skin, eyes and décolleté, administered in alternation with carboxytherapy.

Today, this perfect and timeless beauty invests body and soul in her new baby, SkinPro by Villa Paradiso Cosmetics.

"I discovered the wellness and relaxation experience in Italy, on the shores of Lake Garda, in Gardone Riviera, one hour from Milan. Villa Paradiso is a medical spa dedicated to personal care, built with personalized one-week programs with daily medical visits, personalized treatments, personalized dietary cooking. The concept gives real results. I soon realized that there was no equivalent in the region." The young entrepreneur then became the ambassador for Villa Paradiso Cosmetics in Lebanon and the Middle East.

Early next autumn, SkinPro by Villa Paradiso Cosmetics will inaugurate the first concept of its kind in Lebanon and the Middle East. "We chose a hotel in the mountains; the exact location is confidential for the moment. The care will be administered by the experts of SkinPro, the products exclusively by Villa Paradiso Cosmetics. Among the bestsellers of the Villa Paradiso products, the Platinum Mask and the Golden Mask, two flagship products that are widely successful at the SkinPro medical spa.