Lamar Odom Wants a Fresh Start

Did he really call Khloe Kardashian his wife?
January 06, 2017

After a 35-day stay at a treatment center in San Diego, Lamar Odom talked about his plans for 2017. The former NBA star told TMZ that he wants to be part of a reality show, and wants to reconnect with his ex, Khloe Kardashian.

The 37 year old wishes to be close to the Kardashian clan again. “I’ll speak to them. I’ll speak to my wife, my ex-wife,” said Lamar.

However, Khloe doesn’t seem as enthusiastic as Lamar. “Khloe’s mind is on her new TV show and her new man. She’s happy for Lamar and she wishes the best for him, but her focus is very much on the here and now,” says a source.