Laura, the Queen of the Pole Dance

Pole dancing is her philosophy.
By Janine Ayoub
September 21, 2016

With languorous hip-swaying and astonishing flexibility, she moves gracefully around her pole to free her body... However, pole dancing is not only a matter of sensuality. To go beyond the clichés, Laura Ayoub, 28 year old pole dance coach, unveils her passion for this sport that combines both athletics and dance. Interview.


Pole dancing has a bad reputation. How do you go beyond the clichés in a rather ambivalent society?

It's true that I encounter many difficulties, especially as most people here compare pole dance to striptease! However, I noticed that there is a social class that knows and accepts this discipline, and others who discover it little by little and still have some bias! Personally, I would say that women who play volleyball in tiny shorts are much sexier than a pole dancer! It's all about perspective... (laughs). If I were in pants and a shirt I'm sure that I would not have received the same reactions. But technically speaking, the flesh should stick to the bar, you simply cannot climb on a pole wearing pants! In addition, the pole dance involves more than a performance or a choreography, some proponents of the practice simply want to lose weight or get six pack abs while having fun!


What's the profile of your students?

I would say the average age is between 25 and 35, 75% of my students are women and 25% are men. You can find any type of students, from sporty students to dancers and body builders, and there are even people who have never set foot in a gym. At first, they do it for the fun, and then it becomes a real passion. They feel that they belong to a community and they're satisfied with the immediate results they achieve while having fun. It only takes about 5 sessions to be comfortable with the pole.


What advice would you give to women who want to give pole dancing a try but are hesitant?

They have to try and give it a chance before judging. We're almost naked in the sessions; we wear little shorts and a bra, but there is no judgment whatsoever because being a part of this community encourages women, and believe me, this is how you feel the most comfortable.