Le Vendôme Aux Cadeaux Dorés

Smile in a Box made this Christmas filled with joy
By Helena Saadeh
December 22, 2018

For three years now, Le Vendôme Beirut has given smiles to children from different age groups, ranging from 3 to 12-year-old kids. Three years working with NGOs, three years delivering smiles in boxes, this cooperation on the 19th of December between Le Vendôme and NGO “Smile in a Box” has offered joy and love for kids who live in areas below the poverty line, for kids who might not have a chance to receive proper gifts if it wasn’t for this collaboration. In an interview with Ms. Mary Choueiry Hassoun, the director of marketing in Le Vendôme, she stated that the theme for this year’s Christmas thoughtful event is entitled “Le Vendôme Aux Cadeaux dorés” and its aim starts from the desire to bring kids in a place different from their neighborhood, a place they do not encounter. These kids are given a chance to be pampered at least for once in their life in a 5-star hotel. Ms. Choueiry pointed out that the entire staff assisted this event and each was eager to bring a smile to these little kids. The event had exposure and famous bloggers attended it such as Cynthia Samuel, Karen Wazen, Nathalie Fanj, and more… the director of marketing said this gathering happened thanks to their loyal guest Ahmad Daabas who made this event possible. As the food was served, gifts were exchanged, and animations successfully done, the children were very excited to see Santa and to receive their boxes filled with presents.

In another interview with Smile in a Box representor Ms. Mirna Saleh, she clarified the way things work: The process itself is thoughtful and pure: randomly, a range of age is selected and the Christmas spirit will revolve around this group of children. Empty boxes will be filled according to what kids their age love, and all items in the boxes have purpose:  a toy these children cannot afford due to their conditions, a school item such as coloring pens or books, a hygiene related item so it would spread awareness at a young age, and things kids like such as sweets and little games. The box cover will be ticked according to the gender and the age. Every item in every box will be checked to see if it’s relevant and new. Smile in a box started 5 years ago and it’s slowly spreading its help across Lebanon and reaching over 5000 kids. The boxes can be filled and sent by companies, schools, individuals, and groups who would like to help. This NGO goes beyond just Christmas, they do follow up with families on many levels, in the medical field, the social field, even the economic one too. The NGO treats every person as an individual and not as a number. We wish nothing but the best fort these kids, hoping to see smiles like this all year long.