Lebanese Singer Carole Samaha back to singing?

We hope so!
By Helena Saadeh
April 15, 2019

Lebanese singer Carole Samaha said she passed through difficulties last year as she explained the reasons behind her artistic absence.

Samaha spoke during a television interview on the Egyptian channel "CBC", the reason for her absence for a year, referring to the illness of her husband, businessman Walid Mustafa.

She said she spent a year in the hospital with her husband and described last year as "hard."

She noted that her preoccupation made her unable to concentrate on her work during this period, explaining that singing requires a lot of focus and psychological wellbeing.

"My family, my daughter and my husband are Egyptians, and I had to get Egyptian citizenship, especially as Egypt was the first country to embrace me, and I presented her with wonderful works of art," she said. However, we still hope that after all the hardship Carole will release a new hit album!