Lebanese star Elissa shares her struggle with breast cancer

A real fighter
August 08, 2018

After the release of her long awaited new album, our favorite Lebanese sensation Elissa surprised her fans with her latest video clip « Ila koul ili bi 7ebouni » where she reveals her disease.

The video clip directed by Anji Jamal uncovers her struggle and real suffering. In the end of the clip, singer assured she is fully recovered and sent an awareness message encouraging every woman to make early medical tests. The clip also includes real audio recordings of Elissa crying, and videos of chemotherapy relating the story of her victory over breast cancer. A scene also shows her fainting on stage because of her illness.

In her first statement on MTV, Elissa spoke out about her breast cancer experience. "I got over this experience; otherwise I would not have been able to present a new video clip. I decided to speak today after I finally recovered because I only wanted to show the world the side I wanted them to see" adding "I chose to reveal this today because cancer can knock anyone’s door”

Elissa explained that early diagnosis helped her winning the battle quickly. "I am very impressed by the amount of love I have received, and I don’t want to use the word empathy because I do not like this expression," she said, "and today I want to let every woman know that I know what she feels and if you are strong the disease can’t beat you.”

Special Madame Figaro team and your fans wish you a long life! We love you Elissa!