Lebanon has four of the oldest cities in the world

Did you visit them?
By Helena Saadeh
June 21, 2019

The  Spectator Index published its list of the oldest cities in the world, and four Lebanese cities were present: Jbeil, Sidon, Beirut and Tyres.
Jericho topped while Jbeil was second, Aleppo was third, Damascus was fourth, followed by the city of Sosa, and then the city of Fayoum in Egypt.
Sidon occupied seventh place, followed by Bulgaria's Plovdiv, Gaziantep of Turkey, then Beirut in tenth place, Jerusalem in 11th place, followed by Tyre in 12th place.
The list included: Iraq's Erbil and Kirkuk, and the Balkans, while Greece was on the list through three cities, Athens, Larnaca and Thebes.
According to the list, the city of Kadesh ranked 19th as the oldest Spanish city, while Varanasi was ranked as the oldest city in India, and ranked 20th.
The oldest cities in the world are: 
1. Jericho, Palestine
2. Byblos (Jbeil), Lebanon
3. Aleppo, Syria
4.Damascus, Syria
5. Sousa, Iran
6. Fayoum, Egypt
7. Sidon, Lebanon
8. Plovdiv, Bulgaria
9. Gaziantep, Turkey
10. Beirut, Lebanon