Let’s Talk About Miley Cyrus For A Moment

She’s back to her old self!
May 09, 2017

We never thought this day would come, but Miley is finally over that horrible rebel phase! Yes people, she’s going back to her country roots.
Over the years, the pop star has been surprising us with never-ending changes of looks. From the cute little country girl Hannah Montana to the outrageous party girl slash junky, it’s hard to keep track. With her hair that’s grown back and her outfits sobered up, we can finally say that we have our old Miley back. Isn’t she just gorgeous?

However, it’s not just her new appearance that’s caught our attention, but also her much more peaceful music. The star is singing country songs covers in the most amazing way, and rumor has it that she’ll be releasing a country album very soon! Given that she has Dolly Parton and Billy Ray Cyrus as relatives, we don’t expect this album to be less than breathtaking.