Lindsay Lohan Converted To Islam?

The message on her bio says it all.
January 17, 2017

Lindsay Lohan has been surprising us a lot these past few months, but this time, we can’t even believe what she’s (possibly) done. The Hollywood actress has deleted all of her Instagram posts, but what’s very peculiar is that she wrote a message in her bio: “Alaikum salam” which is the Muslim way to say ‘Hello’ in Arabic. This major change in her page has led many to think that she might have converted to Islam. The star hasn’t yet confirmed our suspicions.

Lohan was spotted holding a copy of the Quran back in 2015, which created a big shock in the web. She has moved to Dubai recently and she’s been volunteering with Syrian refugees in Turkey.

Do you think she has really taken this big step? Only time will let us know.


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