Lipsticks celebrities wear

Christmas Lipsticks inspired by A-list celebrities
By Helena Saadeh
December 08, 2018

Alessandra Ambrosio in BITE beautys MultiStick in Blondie

Fancy, classy, natural, and sexy! If you’re hoping to make a good impression and stand out in any occasion, this is your go-to lipstick. The soft color blends well with your skin tone which gives you a formal attire. The glossy textures however, gives you the attractive look you’re searching for. 

Bella Hadid in Pat McGrath’s Lust 004 Lip Kit

Go big or go home! Ditch the typical plain lipsticks and pamper yourself with a kit that transforms your lips into a masterpiece. This lip kit is helpful in many ways, first it can be used as a flirting tool. Second, when you put too much attention on the lower part of your face, there is no need for you to put the extra effort on your eyes.

Lorde in MAC Quelle Surprise Shade

Let me be your ruler… Lorde mastered the art of dark shaded lipsticks. This is such a fierce and powerful color that people will think twice before talking badly to you. But you have to be careful though, this kind of shades needs attention while contouring because you don’t want to end up with dark blemishes around your lips.

Gigi Hadid in mix of Maybelline’s Nude Thrill and All Fired Up

If you’re not sure about two colors, try to blend them. this season’s moto is “Mix and Match”. Gigi reached the peak level of colors when combining these two shades of Maybelline’s lipsticks. This color is so fresh as it combines the natural and fruity look.