Lita Cabellut, an exceptional artist

"An artist must constantly give his all without expecting to receive anything."
By Joyce Najm
July 19, 2016

She's a real Catalan. Lita Cabellut Lita was born in Barcelona in a gypsy family. She spent her childhood wandering through the corners of the metropolis before being adopted by an eminent family, and trained at the Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam. Her cultural and emotional background is manifested in her dazzling and meaningful portraits. For the first time in Beirut, she exhibited her works at the Opera Gallery. Let's take a look at this exceptional artist's outstanding world.


You're in Lebanon for your exhibition 'Fairy Flowers'. Could you talk about the artworks in this collection?

We are in the golden millennium of women. We therefore need to have hope. This collection full of flowers and colors is positive, joyful and full of promise.


Can you tell us about your creative process? What techniques do you use to perform your work?

I always choose the message I want to pass first. Then, I choose my theme and I begin to realize my canvas. I created my own technique - a unique variation of the fresque technique- 20 years ago. I called it the 'Lita' technique. This is in fact the reason why I never sign my works as my technique is enough.


In what way does the human face interest you? What are the other influences that stimulate your work?

I'm fascinated by the human being and the human face. This is what's most interesting in my opinion. The present moment also inspires me. Looking around and observing the moment in which I live is a source of extraordinary creation. It's as simple as that. The most important thing is not to fall into superficiality, but to learn the art of observation. You can find your muse by analytically observing. All forms of art inspire me; music, theater, literature.


From experience, what advice would you give to young Lebanese artists?

The process is certainly long. An artist must constantly give his all without expecting to receive anything. It's only by working in this perspective that you can become a true artist.


We live in the era of digital media. What do you think of how artists use these platforms these days?

The fact that artists can communicate with everyone, that they have access to ideas and are aware of everything that happens around them is wonderful. Art is thus used as it should be, because art is a form of communication.