February 14, 2017

While makeup artistry can trade in the art of artifice, what feels current now centers on a human touch that is never a forged mask of beauty. Fundamentally born from a woman’s point of view, SS17 is all about makeup that women want to wear.

This idea is an evolution of what we’ve seen in makeup for a few seasons now; believability has become intrinsic to modern beauty. “The codes of beauty have fundamentally changed in recent years,” says Lyne Desnoyers. “Reality is so enduring; it’s inherently part of our language as artists now. Credible, authentic makeup styling is what real women want; it’s built for modern life and style.”

Why? It’s threefold. Firstly, because convoluted clothes (of which the fashion landscape is flooded; concepts and craft are key to how designers mark their identity today) simply cannot be paired with overtly referential makeup.