Madonna Celebrating her 60th birthday in Morocco

She wasn't only there for tourism.
August 17, 2018

This Thursday August 16 was pop legend Madonna’s birthday. She just turned 60! We can hear you gasp, and we did too. 60 is a big number, but the international celebrity doesn’t look a day over 30.

She celebrated her big day in Morocco last night, more specifically in Marrakesh, or as they call it, the red city. Although she’s known as someone who loves being surrounded by cameras, she preferred keeping it private this time. It’s a rather secret place, as it is attained through a labyrinth. The Material Girl posted a video of last night’s celebration with the following caption: “Walking thru the Labyrinth of the Medina during the Call to Prayer”.

However, the now 60-year-old idol has more than tourism in mind for her birthday. She organized a fundraiser to help “Raising Malawi”, an NGO that supports orphans as well as the most vulnerable children by making health and education programs. “For my birthday, I can think of no better gift than connecting my global family with this beautiful country and the children who need our help most. Every dollar raised will go directly to meals, schools, uniforms and healthcare. I want to come together with my friends, fans and supporters to change the lives of Malawian children and let them know they are nurtured, protected and loved”, she shared on a facebook post.