Make him fall for you with those simple flirting moves

August 02, 2017

The eyes say it all
Strong eye contact is key for a strong connection. But be careful not to give him a death stare or he’ll think you’re plotting a murder. In order to put yourself in the right mood, you have to lighten up a bit! Think of something pleasant or sexy, it will make your gaze warmer and more genuine.

Draw attention to your lips
Wear a lipstick shade that draws all the attention to your lips. If you want our advice, go for red. Red is usually code for sexy, so it would be perfect to attract your crush. If you’re not up for it, smiling a lot or biting your lips is also a very striking move, but make sure you don’t have pieces of lettuce sticking out of your teeth!

‘Accidentally’ lean on him
Easy peasy. If you’re walking towards him, pretend losing your balance as an excuse to make physical contact. In case you’re sitting alongside each other, make sure you occasionally lean on him to adjust your heels. Physical contact is always a killer move!