Make up: dos and don’ts

Try to avoid any faux-pas
By Helena Saadeh
November 28, 2018


Mascara: all products have an expiry date, but some of the products such as mascara can dry way before it should. Why? You should never pump your mascara in and out of the tube in order to get more of it! This causes drought and transmission of bacteria into the tube. On a side note, bacteria close to your eye is not a good idea!

Concealer: working, studying, partying, we know! But trying to hide your dark circles with a two shades lighter concealer, that is a big NO-NO! it will show terribly on your face. Instead of showing barely seen dark circles you will walk with very bright unwanted circles around your eyes, and it’s never attractive!

Makeup: repeat after me, “I will never ever sleep with my makeup on.” Now, imagine all the terrible things that could happen to your skin and all the wrinkles, the pimples, the red spots, everything! These will happen very quickly if you sleep with your make up on. Just don’t do it, removing makeup will not take more than 5 minutes.

Blush: winter is coming, and the rosy cheeks are a must have feature for this season. Here’s a way not to do it terribly! We want you to smile all the time…expect when you apply blush! If you smile while doing so, you will apply the product too close to your mouth and to the lower part of your face because once you smile the apples of your cheeks will be raised. Therefore, a misplacement of product!


Skin: you should see your face an empty clean canvas before you apply makeup. Therefore, you have to wash your face before applying any product and it is crucial to moisturize your skin and exfoliate it on a regular basis.

Foundation: it is important to know that foundation should be applied before adding the concealer. The reason behind that is the fact that foundation hides many spots and balances the colors. When you add this product, you can then add the concealer on the spots that did not blend well with the foundation.

Brush and sponge: the last thing you want is dirty skin and closed pores. Wash gracefully your brushes and sponges in order to avoid transmitting bacteria onto your skin.

Eyeshadow: blending eyeshadows is a master art itself. However, if you want to add a feminine touch to it, we advise you to dab a little bit of a lighter, whiter shade in the middle of your eyelid to make your eyes stand out.


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