Make your hair grow faster with those simple tricks

It's easier than it looks.
August 21, 2017

Getting Rapunzel-like hair is a huge challenge, especially if you’re a sucker for highlights and heating products. But who said you can’t accelerate the procedure? Here are some ideas to make your hair grow twice as fast.
Massage your scalp
The healthier the scalp, the stronger the hair. So the best way to make your hair stronger and thicker – which will make it grow faster – is by regularly massaging your scalp. Five minutes a day, to be precise.
Turn your head upside down
This is not a joke! Simply hang upside down for several times a day; this will stimulate the growth of your hair follicles increasing the blood flow to the head. You won’t believe it unless you try it.
One heating product at a time
Blow-drying and heat styling your hair on the same day is a HUGE mistake. Try following the rule of one; use one heating product a day to avoid damage and dryness.
Don’t skip your cold-water rinse
At the end of each shower, it’s important to rinse your hair with cold water in order to prevent moisture loss and heat damage… which means healthier and longer hair in no time!
Take some vitamins
You’re going to need a lot of vitamins in your system to stimulate hair growth such as vitamin A, B, C, D, E and other nutrients like iron, zinc and protein. So if your recent blood tests show a deficiency in any of those categories, consider taking multivitamins or eating healthier. They will not only make you healthier, but they will definitely make your hair grow much faster.