Makeup products to keep in your purse

In case of beauty emergencies, reach for your bag!
By Helena Saadeh
December 09, 2018


Concealer is so underrated yet of a high importance! You can have it liquid or powder -depends on your skin and preference- and it takes less than a minute to apply it. Concealers help hide blemishes and unwanted marks and it can also be used as a highlighter in case of emergencies. If you have a sponge that’s a great way to apply concealer, if not dab it with your finger throughout the contour of your eyes.

Blotting paper

This is an item Kate Middleton keeps in her purse. If royalties have it, you must get it too. Blotting paper can save you from bad pictures and oily skins. Always make sure to recharge your box when you feel like it’s about to end because emergencies can be avoided in that case!


Magic? Mascara is a magic wand that makes your eyes more attractive. Go and make an unforgettable stare and gain many heart-eyes by the simple act of applying mascara and giving volume to your already pretty eyes.

Teeth whitening

Because a smile is the best makeup you can wear, always make sure that you have every possible item to make your first impression perfect. The teeth whitening tissues come in small papers and can barely be seen inside your bag. However, their impact is huge! Make sure you smile to your ears all the time and be confident about it.

Cushion Compacts

We have for you the list of the best Cushion Compacts you could have! You don’t want to have a dull face when everyone is radiating in their glowy tanned skin, right? This is why you should always have a proper compact cushion in your bag, but make sure it matches your tone and style before you buy it!

Lip balm

You’re all set! Just a tiny detail missing, your lips! Since of course you read our Middleton’s Purse article, we’re sure you noticed that lip balms are important everywhere you go. We suggest you keep it colored or glossy for a dash of style, lip balms are both healthy to hydrate your skin and fashionable to give them life.