Makeup tips for oily skins

Everything you need to know
By Helena Saadeh
March 27, 2019

Color correctors are you best friend!

Applying a concealer to cover imperfections and dark circles without a corrector underneath is not a good idea. Make sure to pick correctors depending on your skin tone. The more profound your skin color is, the warmer your shading corrector should be.

Use two foundation shades

When looking for foundation, make sure you go shopping with a makeup free face, swatch two or three tones along your facial structure, let them settle all over for five minutes and examine them in normal light to guarantee you pick the shade that is perfect for you.

Try not to exaggerate your eyebrows

Do not to darken the color of your eyebrows or they will take the spotlight and the attention away from the rest of your face. Pro Tip: if you have highlights in your hair, use this color to fill your eyebrows instead.