Mashrou Leila singer speaks out about Orlando shooting

Muslim, arab and gay.
June 15, 2016

Lebanese frontman Hamed Sinno made a buzz on CNN by opening up about his support for the LGBT community, and more specifically, the mass shooting in Pulse nightclub, Orlando. He’s known for leading the indie rock band Mashrou Leila, but also for being openly gay even though he comes from a Muslim Arab family.

"Suddenly, just because you're brown and queer you can't mourn and it's really not f---ing fair," said Sinno while performing at The Hamilton in Washington. "There are a bunch of us who are queer who feel assaulted by that attack who can't mourn because we're also from Muslim families and we exist ... this is what it looks like to be called both a terrorist and a faggot."

The band had previously written a song about an attack on a gay nightclub in Beirut called Ghost which they named “Tayf”.